Auto Tools You Must Have

Many of our clients that have broken down while driving often asks us how they can be better equipped the next time something similar occurs.

We at Delta Towing decided that a great way to help inform customers, both new and existing was to produce a helpful guide for the car tools and emergency supplies every driver should have inside their vehicle. We hope you find this helpful and remember that while we cannot see the future and predict what will happen; we sure can be prepared when something like a break-down occurs!

  • Basic tool kit: Something including various sizes of spanners for loosening wheel nuts. Also crucial is a car-jack.
  • Cell phone: Keep a spare with a charged/spare battery in case your regular phone dies. This means that you will be able to call Delta Towing, family, friends or anyone else who may be able to help and inform them of your location.
  • You may need to attract the attention of other motorists which will be hard if your battery has died and your car lights are not working. Make sure you have spare batteries too!
  • If your car doesn’t start and you have no heating, it is important to have a blanket or some warm clothing particularly if you have broken down at night or in the winter. This could save your life.
  • Emergency food and water: These should be basic, non-perishable survival food and sealed bottled water.
  • Foot pump: This is going to help you add pressure to your tires in the event of them deflating.
  • Shovel: You may have to “dig yourself out of trouble.” What if you’ve broken down in snow, sand or deep soil? Even a plastic shovel is better than none!
  • Candles and matches: These are invaluable as sources of heating as well as light.
  • First Aid Kit
  • The telephone number for Delta Towing – (817) 886-8332

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