Emotions Can Affect Your Driving

Most marketing campaigns nowadays are targeted towards drivers who engage in driving under the influence of alcohol, texting and calling while driving, and/or both. However, lack of media attention has led most drivers to believe that unsuppressed overly negative (and sometimes even positive) emotions can have the same hazardous effects to driving as alcohol and texting. A prim example of this is expressing or being another driver’s subject of road rage, which leads to numerous accidents every year.

With that said, Towing Fort Worth has laid out some guidelines and tips to remember to keep your emotions in check while you’re on the road.

When You Are Uncontrollably Angry or Upset

When you’ve just received some unbearable news or when you’re aggressively mad or angry about something unrelated to driving, we highly suggest that you pull over to the side of the road to calm yourself down for a minute. Take a few deep breaths and focus your energy and attention instead on getting home safely. If you can postpone driving home, do so. Make yourself as comfortable and relaxed as you can.

If You Are Worried Or Depressed

If you are worried about impending bad news coming your way or depressed about something that just happened, make a conscious effort to stop thinking about it for awhile at least until you get home. If you think it would be helpful, try making a snapping gesture with one hand to “snap” yourself out of it. Tell yourself over and over that getting home safely is more important for the mean time. If your thoughts are distracting you too much, put on some lively music (just make sure that it isn’t too loud to be too distracting for you).

If You’re Feeling Impatient

Don’t start driving right away. Give yourself some extra time to calm down first before heading towards your car and driving. If you’re hurrying to get to someplace else, remember that it is not worth getting an over speeding ticket for. Never run any red lights and don’t overtake lanes too much.

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