Recommended Car Security Systems

Each and every car you see on the road has its own security system. Such systems allow us, car owners, to better protect our possessions which many families rely on in their day to day lives.
But now the question arises – how do I know which car security system to choose? There’s no doubt this can be perplexing to the layman. Towards that end Delta Towing of Fort Worth’s experts have prepared a short review of leading security systems, divided by price levels.

Relatively Cheap Security Systems

The two security systems below are available for relatively cheap prices and can accommodate those with tighter budgets:

  • The Crimestopper SP-101: this alarm system has a 20W single tone high power siren which is installed in your car, a car-jack protection mechanism, a starter kill switch that shuts down the engine when activated, and also a remote control keyless entry feature.
  • Bulldog Security 802: includes a high pitch loud siren, comes with a remote transmitter which enables alarm activation from 250 yards, includes car finder button and shut down sensors.

Average Price Security Systems

The following security systems cost a bit more, but they provide improved car security:

  • Viper 1 Way Remote Start: the Viper 1 Way Remote Start includes a keyless entry feature which can be activated from a distance of up to 1500 yards. The system also includes automatic trunk release mechanism for your convenience.
  • CompuStar – Remote Start System: this system includes a remote control feature which can activate the alarm from up to 1000 yards, it also includes a bypass module which is connected to the computerized system of the vehicle and has a wireless connection option to activate the system through an app installed on your smartphone.

protect your car from burglars

Expensive Security Systems

The following security systems are a bit more pricy, but there is no doubt that they are the best in the market and provide excellent protection to your car:

  • Viper VSS5000: this security system embodies the latest technology of car alarm systems, as it includes high end motion sensors, remote control system, keyless entry, and of course, a notification and control App which is installed on your smartphone.
  • Python PS5000: this system is also 5 star rated in all ranking categories such as quality, design, and value for money. The system includes a double shock sensor mechanism and is possible to activate from anywhere in the U.S by a smartphone app connection. It also includes alarm speakers, keyless entry feature, and other handy features.

Decisions, Gentlemen, Decisions
We know we gave you a handful to think about, but it is better to choose from an informed review than just pick up the first security system that crosses your way. We wish you luck and safety!

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